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While many people come to The Makerie for our incredible coffees, teas and pastries, we are primarily an active craft studio! This means, there are some studio rules that everyone needs to abide by. 

We also have a bunch of answers below to commonly asked questions about The Makerie!


Shoes are required

We are a craft studio. There are probably pins on the floor that the broom didn't catch. Someone could have been working with wire and snipping little pieces that have gone flying. Or who knows what other kinds of pokey things could be on the floor. 

Shoes on.

No outside food or drink

No outside food or drink is permitted in accordance with Northern Health regulations. 

This applies to both the studio as well as the seasonal patio.


If any members (or all) of your party do not show up for your booking with less than 24 hours notice, there will be a 50% no-show fee based on the value of the reserved craft. 

This fee will go towards covering restocking, non-reusable materials, staff time, and any materials specifically purchased for your booking based on the value of your reserved craft.

Please keep paintbrushes in water

If you are painting or using glue etc., please keep your paintbrushes in your water when not in use. This will prevent the paint from drying on  and ruining the paint brush. 

No running

As a craft studio, people could be working with very hot or very sharp tools. You bump into them and someone could be seriously injured.


As a coffee bar, our staff may also be carrying very hot drinks. We don't want anyone to have a hot drink spilled on them.

Our crafters might also be working on very fine, detailed projects where any bump might ruin it.


Running is not allowed under any circumstances.

Studio fee

The large tables in the studio were built for crafting and are always considered priority seating for crafters. 

If there is a "Reserved for Crafters" sign on the table and you choose to sit there, you will be charged for a studio fee. 

Free seating is available with our cafe seating and large community table.

Please see the FAQs below for more information on how the studio fee works.


If you have reserved a craft and wish to swap it out for a different craft on arrival for your booking, there will be a 25% fee to cover restocking, non-reusable materials and staff time based on the value of the reserved craft.

Use the materials and tools for their intended use

We have invested a lot into our crafting supplies and tools. Using them in unintended ways could result in injury, breakage, and unnecessary waste.

The Hot things are hot, the sharp things are sharp

If you're crafting with us, you'll probably be using some basic craft tools like hot glue guns and scissors. 

We assume that you are aware that the hot glue guns are hot and that the scissors are sharp. 

For any tools that are hotter or sharper than a hot glue gun or pair of scissors, you will be required to sign a waiver. This applies whether you are using our tools or bringing in your own.

Our waiver can be accessed right here:


The Makerie considers submission of this form online an agreement to the terms of the waiver.


We really appreciate reservations for crafting but accommodate walk-ins wherever possible. 

If you are making advance plans to come craft with a group of more than 4 people, please make a reservation.

You can review the available craft projects on our website and indicate with your booking which crafts each participant will be doing. 

If you are a group of more than 6, please contact us and we'd be happy to arrange for a special activity for your group. 

NOT Self-Service

If you require any supplies, tools or materials, please let a Craftender know and we would be more than happy to help you. 

Let us clean up after you craft

I mean, its the pleasure of crafting here that you pay for! You make the crafty mess and we'll clean up after you!

Additionally, we have a number of sustainability initiatives to repurpose, upcycle and minimize waste. Like, the amount of actual garbage that's left when we're done is surprisingly next to nothing.


Are reservations required?

No, but they are highly recommended.

We always want to be available for people who want to do some spontaneous crafting, but if you want to ensure we have the project you're interested in and the space for you and your group, we do encourage you to book a reservation. 



Do I need to bring anything with me if I want to craft?

Generally speaking, nope!


In most cases, we provide everything you'll need to finish your project.

There might be the odd project or workshop that requires you to bring something in. For instance, you can customize shoes at The Makerie, but we don't provide the shoes. 

Do you host kid's birthday parties?

The Makerie is a great place to celebrate all kinds of milestones. That being said, we are not structured or staffed to host hands-off-we-look-after-everything kids birthday parties.


If you have a child who would like to invite a few friends to craft and adults will be on hand to supervise and provide assistance, then we can probably accommodate that.


If you're unsure, CONTACT US and we can chat.

Can I sell my crafts at The Makerie?

The Makerie does not offer consignment opportunities to makers as we think it's a broken system where we'd end up taking way too much, if not all, of your profit in administration fees.


Instead, we offer makers an opportunity to apply to host a pop-up shop at The Makerie. If you're an approved maker, there will be no cost to you to host a one-day pop-up shop on site. 


Do you host corporate craft Events?

We love having staff groups come and craft with us! CONTACT US, tell us about your group, and we'll work with you to plan something special for your team.

Do you offer Take out from the coffee bar?

You bet! But don't expect us to be the fastest coffee in the North.


Gunther, our manual espresso machine, is a one-at-a-time kind of machine and takes his time to prepare you what we think is a really dang good cup of coffee.


We hustle like hell to get you on your way as fast as we can, but can only go as fast as Gunther let's us go.




We LOVE being a part of all the amazingness that the community has to offer and are open to chatting about what the possibilities are. So, if you have a special event or idea that you'd like to see happen at The Makerie, CONTACT US and let's chat.

Can I pre-order baking?

As our in-house baking is done in a toaster oven and our pastries have an hour and a half drive for delivery, we generally don't take pre-orders for baked goods. You can always ask though, in case we happen to have the capacity to accommodate your request. If we can do it, we will! CONTACT US HERE.

Do you have a microwave where I can heat up my lunch? And I just got a starbucks and I'm going to have it here okay?

Um no. No we don't and no, not okay. We've seriously been asked us this and please never ask us this. It's just rude. The answer is no. 

is there an admission fee?


If you're crafting:

you pay the price of your project and any drinks/treats. Your projects includes studio time at one of our large crafting tables. 


If you're joining us for coffee:

you pay the price of your drink/treat, and you can enjoy the space at one of our cafe tables for no additional charge.

If you're joining us to work or study:

you can do so for free at any of our cafe tables. Use of our large crafting tables is subject to the drop in fee of $5/hr per person. We try to reserve one large community table with plug ins available for studying/working at no charge, but our large tables are always priority for crafting.

If you're bringing in your own arts/craft project:

you can do so for free at our cafe tables. If you would like to use one of our large crafting tables is subject to the drop in fee of $5/hr per person.

Can I bring in my own craft to work on?

If it is a quiet and safe craft, then yes, with the purchase of a Studio Fee.


If you are bringing in your own project, you are expected to be completely self sufficient.


The Makerie will not provide any tools or supplies free of charge for your project. Some basic tools, paint and other materials may be rented or purchased from "The Nook" at The Makerie.


You also assume all liability and risk associated with your project and will be required to sign our waiver.

CAN I work or study at The Makerie?

For sure! 


You can do so for free at any of our cafe tables. We have one large community table with plug ins usually available for studying or working at no charge. Use of our other large crafting tables is subject to the drop in fee of $5/hr per person.


Seating at The Makerie is always priority for makers.

Can I drop my kids off to craft?

No. The Makerie is not staffed to supervise children.


We will not assume any responsibility for any children left unattended at The Makerie.

Do you have crafts suitable for toddlers?

While The Makerie is generally suited best for teenagers and adults, we always have projects that the littles will enjoy. That being said, most involve scissors and a hot glue gun and require some level of adult support. We do have a chalkboard and colouring easel available at no cost.


We have recently opened "The Nook" - a small retail space where you can purchase supplies to create your own craft project or add on extras to one of our in-house developed projects.

These are typically craft supplies, though. Not art supplies. And doesn't include crafting tools.

Can I get something to eat at The Makerie?

You can enjoy house-baked treats from the Bakerie at the Makerie and amazing pastries from our partners at Goldfield's Bakery.


Our kitchen is literally two feet by two feet square and we bake in a toaster oven, so our food options are limited. 

No, we don't serve sandwiches. 

Outside food and drink are not permitted as per Northern Health regulations.

Do you serve breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Nope. Just pastries.

Can I have a venti or extra large Cappucino?

We're so sorry, but no. 

We understand that we won't be for everyone, but what we've done is sourced a very traditional, old school, manual espresso machine. We also sourced coffee that uses the world's oldest coffee bean recipe. So, we decided that we would stick to pretty traditional standards when it comes to drink sizes to get as close to traditional flavour profiles as possible. 

Most of our hot drinks come as 12oz drinks, except for a cappucino, flat white and marrochino which are served as 8oz drinks. 

Iced drinks are typically served as 16oz.

DO I HAVE to Craft?

While we would love it if you did, you are certainly welcome to just enjoy a coffee or treat in our creative space during our regular operating hours. 

If you want to just hang out during one of our special evening events, just ask and we'll let you know if it's appropriate. It often just depends on the event.

Do you provide instructions?

You betcha!


Our staff, known as Craftenders, are here to help you along. We'll provide all the basic instruction to get you going, check in on you along the way, but we won't hover so you have freedom to create!


The Makerie is a maker space, first and foremost.


With that, comes operational costs not faced by other kinds of businesses. The Studio Fee allows us to open our creative space to the entire community without having to restrict access with a membership or admission fee.


The Makerie is a business, and is for customer use only. 

If you come to The Makerie to craft one of our projects, you pay the cost of that project and the price includes the studio fee. 

If you come to The Makerie to work on your own craft project, or want to study or work at one of our crafting tables, you can do so by paying the $5 hourly studio fee per person. To do so, please check in at the front. counter when you arrive. You will be asked to provide a Craftender with your ID, keys or other collateral. We will record your time of arrival and provide your bill when you're ready to leave.

There is no studio fee if you are enjoying our coffee bar, studying or working at our cafe seating. 

Where can I find out about your crafts and special events?

Can I Get a Craft Kit to go?

Yes! Makerie to Takerie is how you can get your craft on at home! We even ship across Canada, if you'd like to enjoy The Makerie but aren't located in Prince George!


Do you offer gluten-free treats?

We offer gluten-friendly baking.


We are committed to having at least one baked good every day that is gluten, dairy and egg free. Most of the time, that item is vegan as well, so long as it doesn't contain honey.


While we do take precautions to avoid cross-contamination, we do use glutenous flour in our kitchen as as does our partners at Goldfield's bakery. The oats that are used are also not certified gluten-free.


As such, we will never guarantee our baking to be celiac safe.

What kind of coffee do you serve?

Right now, The Makerie serves one roast, a medium dark blend from Pull Caffe. We absolutely love it and think you will too. Read more about it and check out our COFFEE BAR MENU HERE.

Do you Offer Keto baking?

No sorry.

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