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2lb Pull Caffe Can - Whole Bean

2lb Pull Caffe Can - Whole Bean

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Grab a can of The Makerie's house coffee from PULL CAFFE, a Pacific Northwest coffee company.



In their hunt for the best tasting bean, PULL has brought us the prized Mocha Java blend - said to be the world’s oldest coffee blend dating back to the 1800s. This blend combines two of the world’s best premium beans to create a complex yet well balanced coffee: the arabian mocha bean and the indonesian java arabica bean.


It is said that coffee beans from Yemen, where coffee has grown since the 15th century, were shipped in the wooden hulls of sailing ships. The ships left the great port of Mokha, the primary port for the sea route to Mecca. Many of the sailors arriving at the port of Mokha were coming home from Java Island, creating a happy accident of history that produce the blend prized today as some of the world’s best coffee.


The medium dark Mocha Java blend brings out hints of a lighter citrus floral coffee, combined with the darker chocolate nutty coffee.



PULL ages their beans in whiskey barrels for 90 days before roasting them over an open wood fire (alder, cherry and maple wood) in the world’s oldest cast iron roaster until the beans are just past the first crack. PULL also celebrates the time-honoured craft of “vacuum packed canning” to preserve their fresh-roasted quality right until we crack the seal and brew your drink. And their cans offer the ultimate in reusability.


Pull Caffé med dark blend 2lb steel vacuum packed can.

Whole beans.


    We recommend that you crack the seal on the can and allow the beans to "breathe" overnight. The vacuum seal process keeps the beans as fresh as they day they were roasted resulting in a need for the beans to release carbon dioxide produced from the roasting process. Let the beans breathe overnight and you'll enjoy an amazing cup of coffee in the morning. 

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