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The creative process is one of the most scary places for organizations to operate. The Makerie can show you and your staff team how easy and fun it can be. The Makerie is the perfect place for a team building retreat, gathering of friends, celebration or meeting.



Some of the sessions below might seem a little silly, but they are intentionally. 

As adults, especially in a corporate world, we are bound to aim for perfection. We constantly judge ourselves and others. Perhaps our perspectives don't feel appreciated or recognized. This may inhibit our willingness to contribute to projects and meetings, limiting an organization's ability to innovate and develop new initiatives, processes or products. 

In order to innovate, we need to engage with a creative process. A creative process is filled with risk, mess and chaos. It is one of the least comfortable places for adults to explore. One of the easiest routes into a creative process is simply to play. Play in a way that sheds any outcome that involves perfection. Frankly, the "worse" the outcome, the more fun was probably had. And if fun was had tackling the projects below, the creative process was probably engaged and we bet you didn't even notice. So let's make some bad art together!

Click through to read more about how each of the projects below are perfect for team building and engaging in the creative process. 


  • Take a blank box, random supplies and end up with unique diorama shado...

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    3 hr

    $40 per person
  • A can of random supplies, some tin foil and a headband, then start glu...

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    2 hr

    $20 per person
  • Timed painting where you rotate your canvas every few minutes!

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    2 hr

    $25 - 40 per person
  • Use fabric paints and a canvas tote bag to create your own one-of-a-ki...

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    2 hr

    $28 per person
  • Bring the party to the office with everyone creating their own stunnin...

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    2 hr

    24 Canadian dollars
  • A low pressure project that everyone loves. Paint a simple terracotta ...

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    1 hr

    18 Canadian dollars
  • Sit across from a coworker and paint their portrait. Extra fun if nobo...

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    3 hr

    40 Canadian dollars
  • Painting with your brush on the end of a 4 foot stick. Yup.

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    3 hr

    $40 per person
  • Create your own 1 1/2 inch button! Perfect for large groups or ones lo...

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    1 hr

    $7.50 - $10/person



The Makerie can comfortably accommodate up to 36 participants, more uncomfortably. Maximum of 50 people.


The Makerie has incredible baking provided by Goldfield's Bakery, from Barkerville. B.C. Baking can be ordered for your group on request. We can also accommodate many common dietary restrictions. Just ask!

Custom Projects

We often get requests to develop custom projects for groups and we are usually able to accommodate these requests if we can source the materials. These projects have additional fees for development costs, material sourcing, and are non-refundable in the case of cancellation. Additionally, The Makerie reserves the rights to the development of these projects and the right to use them in the future for other uses. Materials are forfeit for custom projects in the case of cancellation.


No previous artistic ability is required for participation in these activities.The Makerie is a safe space to try and play.


The Makerie has a full service specialty coffee bar, offering a range of coffee, tea and other drinks for your enjoyment. The coffee bar will be open for full service for all corporate bookings.


The Makerie is not a licensed facility. If you are scheduling a private booking for your corporate event, we may be able to secure a special event license for your booking.


Sessions can be scheduled during regular Makerie hours of 10am - 5pm, or private after hours bookings where you get the studio to yourselves can also be booked, depending on your needs.


If you wish to have other food catered for your event, chat with us about it! We are happy to work with a number of our local partners to bring in lunch, dinner or other offerings outside of our baked goods. 


Makerie staff, known as Craftenders, will be on site and available to support your group during your creativity session. We can't wait to host you!

Please indicate if any of the following apply to your group:
Which Projct(s) are you interested in?

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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