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Go Go Gadget Arm Painting

Painting with your brush on the end of a 4 foot stick. Yup.

  • 3 hr
  • $40 per person

About this Project

Using acrylic paints and a canvas, we challenge you to paint a still life, but with your paintbrush attached to the end of a four foot stick. Yup. We're mean like that. But, there's a method to our madness. If we put you in front of a still life with a blank canvas, we guarantee that you're going to stress out. "Where do I start? Am I going to get any instruction?" you say, with panicked eyes. BUT, if we do the same, but we plop on you on a stool and toss your canvas on the floor, then give you a four foot long stick with a paintbrush on the end, suddenly everything changes. No longer are you expecting your painting to be perfect. Your painting simply "will be what it will be". It means that, before you've even begun, that you've shed your expectation for perfection and are no longer worried about judgment. As grown ups, we typically believe that a) we are not creative and b) that we should aim for perfection and that if we don't achieve it we will be harshly judged by others. We are all creative. In order to understand and engage in a creative process, we must gain comfort with a process where we lose control. Not only is Go-Go Gadget Arm Painting super fun, but it forces you into this process where you have little control, you are automatically not expecting perfection, and you get eventually give in to the weird way of painting the Craftenders at The Makerie are forcing us to do. And you never know. You might actually like what you create. It just won't be what you expect.

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