Rotato Painting

Timed painting where you rotate your canvas every few minutes!

  • 2 hours
  • $25 - 40 per person

About this Project

This is a super fun and super collaborative painting exercise. You'll start with some paint, some paintbrushes and a blank canvas. We'll give you a few minutes to start painting - anything you want - then a timer will go off. When that alarm sounds, you rotate your canvas to the painter to your left, and they start wherever you left off. The amount of time you have with the canvas depends on how long you'd like your session to last and how many people will be painting. As grown ups, we typically believe that a) we are not creative and b) that we should aim for perfection and that if we don't achieve it we will be harshly judged by others. The thing is, we are all creative. In order to understand and engage in a creative process, we must gain comfort with a process where we lose control. When you know that someone else will be tackling your canvas, you have no choice but to give up control of the project. You can't expect perfection, because you have no idea what the goal of the painting is going to be. You might have had an idea in your mind when you started, but as soon as that timer goes off, you have to let that concept go. Your painting simply "will be what it will be". It means that, before you've even begun, that you've shed your expectation for perfection and are no longer worried about judgment. You've given yourself over to the creative process. Not only is Rotato Potato Painting super fun, but it forces you into this process where you have little control, you are automatically not expecting perfection, and you get eventually give in to the weird way of painting the Craftenders at The Makerie are forcing us to do. And you never know. You might actually like what you create. And you did it together. And I bet you could have never dreamed it up on your own. 8 x 10 canvas - $25 12 x 12 canvas - $40