Iris Palette - Peg & Awl

Iris Palette - Peg & Awl


The Peg & Awl Iris Painter’s Palette was inspired by the wooden palettes used by the ancient Egyptians. Constructed from sustainable maple and vegetable-tanned leather, the palette is a simple way to transport your favorite paints, whether you mix your own pigments or squeeze them from a tube.


The Iris fits in the Sendak Artist Roll.


The wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified wood was harvested from forests that are responsibly managed by environmentally conscious companies.


- Sustainable Maple from the USA

- Vegetable-tanned leather cover

- 12 wells

- Finished with tung oil

Paint not included




Inches: 7.5″ long by 2.5″ wide by 0.375″ thick

Metric: 19.1 cm long by 6.4 cm wide by 1.0 cm thick


Wells (×12)

Inches: 0.875″ long by 0.5″ wide by 0.25″ deep

Metric: 2.2 cm long by 1.3 cm wide by 0.6 cm deep