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3rd MONday

of the month

6pm - 9pm

Letter Writing Club


I don't know anyone who doesn't love receiving mail that isn't a bill!

The Letter Writing Club is designed to help us all step away from the instant communication that we're used to today with social media and mobile phones. Instead, pause and craft something special to send to a special someone.  

There's no cost to joining the Letter Writing Club. It's sometimes just nice to plan on getting together with other people to help get you inspired to pop something in the mail. 

Have a typewriter?

Bring it!

There's something incredibly magical about the clickety-clack and dings of an typewriter. Dust yours off and set it up at The Makerie during our Letter Writing Session (or really anytime).

Don't Have a typewriter?

Book a half hour at our Letter Writing Station! First come, first served.

have writer's block?

Don't worry! We'll have a letter writing prompt or two for every meet up! And you can always find prompts at the Letter Writing Station too. ​

Creative Sessions

Watch for special sessions with guest makers, or unique projects. We'll make patterned paper for envelope liners, postcards from sponges, or theme something for the seasons.  ​

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Stay tuned for more details on upcoming meet ups!

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