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The Makerie is a hands-on maker space in downtown Prince George where you can flex your creative muscles with friends over an outstanding artisan brew.


At The Makerie, we believe in the power of craft.


Drop in to flex your creative muscles with our carefully curated rotating selection of projects.


We'll assemble all the materials, provide instructions and even have Craftenders on hand to help you!


You'll leave with a project to treasure and an experience to remember.


There is some kind of magic in a hot drink on a cold day, or a cold drink on a hot day. Mix in some caffeine and you have gold.


We have carefully selected artisan coffee, teas and treats so that you can seriously enjoy your sip.

Grab a drink while you craft or hang out with makers at our community tables to take in the creative energy of the Makerie. We'll also make you a cup to go if you need to get on your way. 


We love pretty things and there's something about stationery that makes us swoon. 

Explore our highly curated selection of pens, papers and other treasures to make your desk the most awesome desk in town. 

You never know what other treasures or creative supplies you might find in the shop!


Remember the olden days when you used to get stuff in the mail that wasn't bills? Yeah, us neither.

Grab some supplies in the shop then hang out for a while at our letter writing station. 

Type out a message on our vintage typewriter, decorate your pages and envelope and send your special someone something special. 

We have ample inspiration to get those pen pal projects started.


Gather a group of friends or colleagues and get crafty. 

The Makerie can accommodate group bookings of up to 12 people for special events like bridal showers, baby showers, ladies nights, corporate creativity retreats or birthdays. 

Special packages are being developed for small groups.

More details coming soon!

While makers of all ages are welcome at The Makerie it is a space geared more for the mature maker. Group events for children are in development. 


The Makerie is a place designed to build creative community and we'll be hosting special events every now and then. Stay tuned for meet the maker nights, pop-up shops, specialty workshops and other awesome events. 

The Makerie might also be the perfect venue for YOUR event. On a limited basis, The Makerie can be rented as a venue for special events. We're hoping to make it a beautiful, creative and inspiring space that can be home to all.

More details coming soon!

the makerie gift cards.jpg



Now available for purchase!

Can be used for our coffee bar, crafts, retail products and even most specialty workshops!





Whether its for your child, or grandchild, or well, you (come on we know it's for you) a dollhouse is an amazing keepsake made even more special when it's made by you!

To join the club, purchase your dollhouse frame (we have two options, or if you have your own that's cool too) then on a regular basis we'll offer projects to help make your house awesome! We'll make little plant stands, chairs, rugs, you name it. You can drop in to The Makerie at your convenience during that window to complete any project that suits the vision for your house. 

There's no membership fee.

You simply pay for the dollhouse (if needed) and any projects you'd like to complete.

We offer two models of dollhouse frames. 

The MONICA is a wood frame from IKEA and is $60. 

The PHOEBE is a handmade cardboard frame and is $25.

Both are sized at 1:12 so regular dollhouse furniture and accessories will fit perfectly.

All projects will be sized at 1:12 so regular dollhouse furniture and accessories will fit perfectly.



Are you a maker? The Makerie would love to connect and collaborate with you! From pop-up shops, workshops, special events to creating a limited edition project. Click the button below to tell us a bit about yourself!


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